nomade was started with one fundamental purpose. Sharing the tools and knowledge we have gained, of living like a nomade to our clients. Across the globe, having a first hand approach and the research to back it is what sets us apart. We have sought out dedicated partners and affiliates for a combined total of 25 years experience in this field. Travel is essential to experience, and proper travel is essential to proper experience. Education, respect, love and travel. That is what being a nomade truly is. Join the club, be a nomade. nomade is excited to welcome you to our tight-knit and idealistic luxury travel experience.


Want a table at Billionaires Club during Gran Prix? Last minute Artist Passes to Coachella? Lunch with your favorite celebrity at Juvia? Our little black book of contacts ensures you have preferred access to the most exclusive events on The Planet. Perhaps the Galaxy. nomade is your passport to the best The Universe has to offer.